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Erasing a Disk

Deployment Solution

You can use the Erase Disk task to wipe a disk clean. Hence, the partitions along with data are removed from the client computer. When you reallocate hardware, you can use this task to ensure that none of the old data can be retrieved. You can either delete the partitions of the disk, erase the system disk, or configure the task to erase all the disks. You cannot perform an Erase Disk task for a disk that is connected through a USB or FireWire interface.

You access the Erase Disk task from Manage > Jobs and Tasks menu. In the Jobs and Tasks window, expand System Jobs and Tasks and right-click Deployment and Migration > New > Task option. In the Create New Task dialog box, access Deployment and Migration > Erase Disk.

To erase a disk

  1. In the Symantec Management Console , from the Manage menu select Jobs and tasks.

  2. On the right pane, right-click Jobs and tasks and select New > Task.

  3. On the Create new task page, select Erase Disk.

  4. Specify a name for the task on the first field.

  5. Select one of the following options:

    Task name icon

    Lets you specify the name of the erase disk task.

    Disk selection

    Lets you select the disk partition from the drop-down list. You can select the disk number from the range 1 to 8, All disk, and System disk.

    In case, you select the System disk option, the remove partition section is disabled.

    Remove partitions

    Lets you remove the selected partitions of the disk.

    Select the disk partition from the drop-down list of the Disk selection option and check the Erase data check box.

    Erase disk

    Lets you select from the following options to erase disk:

    • Secure erase

      Select this option to erase data more than once.

      The following group of operations is performed on the hard drive six times:

      • All addressable locations are overwritten with 0x35.

      • All addressable locations are overwritten with 0xCA.

      • All addressable locations are overwritten with a pseudo-random character.

      • All addressable locations are verified in hardware using the Verify Sectors command to the disk.

    • Convert To

      Select this option to erase the selected disk and convert the partition of the client computer to the following type:

      • GPT

        Converts the client computer partition to GPT partition type.

      • MBR

        Converts the client computer partition type to MBR partition type.

    Using the Secure erase option, this task has a 36-hour timeout value on the task server. If this task runs on a client that has a hard disk larger than 375 GB, the task reports as failed on the task server. However, the task continues to run on the client until it completes.

    Advanced Options

    Displays the advanced options such as Reboot.

    Lets you restart the computer after the erase task completes.

  6. Click Ok.

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