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About capturing and distributing personalities

Deployment Solution

Deployment Solution lets you capture and distribute a computer's personality. Personalities are the files that contain the user data and application settings. Personalities contain the documents, the registry settings, and the configuration files that are associated with the applications. Personalities are usually captured as part of an operating system migration or as a backup. Deployment Solution supports capturing and distributing personalities for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Both 64-bit operating system and 32-bit operating system are supported.

The captured personality of a computer is stored in a self extracting executable file that is known as a Personality Package. The Personality Packages are based on the templates that you can run from command-line instructions to automate operating system migrations. You can build and edit your own templates to define the settings, files, and options that you want for your Personality Packages. A Personality Package can include the desktop, printer, network, application settings (such as favorites and contacts), and entire directory structures of the client computer. You can create Personality Packages that contain the most used directories, documents, and settings for a group of computers. You can also create packages for individual users on a shared computer. A user can install a specific Personality Package on a computer. After the user completes work, each user can then uninstall the package so the computer is ready for another user.

Capture and distributing personalities is not supported on Linux and Mac operating systems.

You can also perform a real-time migration from one computer to another. In real-time migrations, you can map users and their properties, create user accounts, and install applications.

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In a hierarchy, the Deployment Solution license must be installed on each Notification Server to manage personalities. Licenses for PC Transplant are not replicated to child Notification Servers.

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