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About personality templates

Deployment Solution

In Deployment Solution, to create a Personality Package, you must specify the type of information that is to be captured in the package. A personality template file is used to specify all the information that is to be captured in a Personality Package. A personality template file contains information about the settings and files that you want to migrate from the client computer. A personality template reduces errors and allows the deployment job to automatically create packages.

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You can use either of the following files to create a personality template:

  • Template.exe

    The Template.exe launches the Altiris PCTransplant Template Builder tool that lets you create a Personality Build Template. The Template.exe is located at <install_directory>\Program Files\Altiris\Deployment\PCT folder.

  • PCTEdit.exe

    The PCTEdit.exe lets you view and change an existing Personality Package. The PCTEdit.exe is located at <install_directory>\Program Files\Altiris\Deployment\PCT folder. In the Altiris PC Transplant Package Editor, select the Tools > Template Builder option to create a template or edit an existing template.

You can use your templates as a separate utility or as part of a Deployment Solution job.

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