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About migration settings

Deployment Solution

You can set the settings that you want to capture in a personality. These settings are set in template file.

You can create a template by using either of the following:

  • PCTEdit.exe

    Navigate to <Install_directory>\ProgramFiles\Altiris\Deployment\PCT folder to access the executable file.

  • TEMPLATE.exe

    Navigate to <Install_directory>\ProgramFiles\Altiris\Deployment\PCT folder to access the executable file.

Personality templates determine the individual files and folders to migrate. The computer that you use to build the Personality Package registers the file types that you can choose to migrate.

You can choose to migrate settings from the following categories:

  • Computer desktop settings

    These settings include Control Panel settings, Display properties including desktop colors, and background information.

  • Network settings

    These settings include the computer, domain name, folder, drive share assignments, and drive mappings for Windows.

  • Application settings

    These settings include the unique menu bar options for a particular application. However, you cannot migrate applications. A2i text files determine the application settings that can be migrated and include the Word.a2i, MS Outlook.a2i, and WinZip.a2i files. Over 65 A2i files are included with Deployment Solution. You can also create custom A2i files using the A2i Builder utility.

  • Individual files and folders

  • Specific file types

See About personality templates

You determine what desktop and network settings to migrate based on the text files that are called Settings Files. These files are included with Deployment Solution and include the Dsktop*.ini and Ntwrk*.ini files.