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Configuring the preboot environment

Deployment Solution

You configure a preboot environment in which client computers can boot using a PXE image and then execute the deployment tasks that are configured for the computers.

The process for configuring the preboot environment includes the following tasks:

Configure PXE using Network Boot Service

The Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) configuration setup task is contained in the Network Boot Service (NBS) that you deploy on a site server.

NBS contains the PXE service, SymantecNetworkBootServicePxe for Windows and Linux computers and BSDP for Mac computers. The service runs on the site server after NBS is installed and enabled on the site server computer. This PXE service initiates the Windows and Linux client computers to boot with the PXE image and the Mac computers to boot with the Netboot image. The images are configured through the Create Preboot Configuration dialog box of the console.

See Configuring and filtering computers to boot with PXE

See Configuring NBS for Mac computers

Create a preboot configuration

You can create a preboot configuration for creating a PXE image and a preboot installation file.