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Adding drivers to the DeployAnywhere database

Deployment Solution

Deployment Solution lets you to add drivers to the DeployAnywhere driver database that are required for client computers on which you want to install Windows OS or deploy a Windows image. All the device drivers are stored at one central location in the DeployAnywhere driver database. The drivers in DeployAnywhere database are located at C:\Program Files\Altiris\Deployment\DriversDB folder. This location also consists of the drivers.manifest.txt file, that includes the information about what DeployAnywhere drivers are available to Deployment Solution.

After adding drivers to the DeployAnywhere driver database, the task of imaging and Windows OS installation are rendered hardware independent. Hence, deploying of image to client computers and performing an OS installation do not fail due to hardware dependencies. You can add drivers to the DeployAnywhere driver database while executing either a Install Windows OS task or a Deploy Image task. The DeployAnywhere driver database supports only the Windows operating system.

For example, you can add device drivers to the DeployAnywhere database in the following situations:

  • While deploying an image that is compatible for different hardware sets, such as, to deploy images across dissimilar hardware.

  • While adding any missing critical drivers required for successful execution of deployment tasks on the remotely-managed computers.

  • While supporting new devices that are added to the system or the environment.

In all the above mentioned cases, you must add the additionally required drivers to the DeployAnywhere database.

DeployAnywhere supports the following critical driver types:

  • Mass storage device (MSD)

  • Network interface card (NIC)

The MSDs are critical because they allow the resident operating system to boot while network drivers ensure that the retargeted node is managed remotely.

DeployAnywhere supports the following non-critical driver types:

  • Graphics

  • Audio

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

  • USB

  • CD-ROM

  • Printer

  • Bluetooth

  • Multimedia

  • Modem

To add a new driver to the DeployAnywhere driver database

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Settings menu, click Deployment > Driver Management.

  2. In the Driver Database Management dialog box, click the DeployAnywhere tab.

  3. To view details of a driver, select the driver from the list and click More Info.

  4. Click Add.

  5. In the Add Driver dialog box, for the Location field, browse to the driver folder, which contains the drivers that you want to add.

    Deployment Solution creates auto-generated names for the drivers that you add.

  6. Click OK.