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Configuring multicast options to deploy image

Deployment Solution

You can configure the image multicasting settings through the following options:

  • Settings > Deployment > Image Multicasting menu

  • Settings > All Settings > Deployment and Migration > Image Multicasting option

To configure multicast options

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Settings menu, click Deployment > Image Multicasting.

  2. Specify values for the following fields:

    IP range

    The range of IP addresses to use for image deployment.

    Port range

    The range of port numbers to use for image deployment.


    The minimum number of clients that need to be part of the group before multicasting is used.


    The maximum speed to use when multicasting to avoid flooding the network with too much traffic. As this number increases, there is a greater chance for dropped packets and slower speeds to occur.


    The maximum number of minutes to wait for the specified number of clients to join the group. If this number is reached, your images are deployed separately.

  3. Click Restore defaults to use the default configuration settings.

  4. Click Save changes.