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Installing a Windows OS using Deployment Solution

Deployment Solution

You execute the Install Windows OS task of Deployment Solution to install Windows operating system (OS) on client computers. This task lets you install the Windows OS on bare metal computers that are added to a network as well as on managed computers. For installing the OS on bare metal computers, ensure that you execute the Partition Disk task to create partitions on the client computer's hard drive before you install the Windows OS.

See Creating disk partitions

Before you install Windows OS on managed computers, ensure that you execute the Erase Disk task first followed by the Partition Disk task. You must also, ensure that the architecture of the automation folder that you installed on the managed computer and that of the operating system to be installed is the same.

After installing Windows OS if the client computer is not able to connect to the Symantec Management Platform, then check if the Symantec Management Agent (SMA) is installed

To install Windows OS on client computers

  1. In the Symantec Management Console , from the Manage menu select Jobs and tasks.

  2. On the right pane, right-click Jobs and tasks and select New > Task.

  3. On the Create new task page, select Install Windows OS.

  4. Enter values for the following fields:

    Task name icon

    Displays the default task name as Install Windows OS. You can edit the default task name to specify a relevant task name. For example, Install Windows_XP.

    System Files - OS source

    Lets you select the source of the previously installed operating system files from the drop-down list.

    Click Add to add a new OS package in the Add OS Packages dialog box.

    System Files - Product Key

    Lets you select a previously added license from the drop-down list.

    Click Add to add licenses in the Add OS License.

    Install drivers

    Check Install drivers from Driver Database during OS installation to install the missing drivers required for a successful installation.


    Lets you configure the settings to install the Windows OS.

    The configuration options are as follows:

    • Use Inventory data to reconfigure computer

      Uses the information that is stored in the CMDB to configure the computer for name and to join domain. Client computer can also join domain without an inventory but inventory data option must be selected. FQDN must be used as domain credential. For example,\User and not Symantec\user.

      Symantec recommends that you use the Apply System Configuration task to join the client computer to the domain.

    • Use default configuration settings

      Uses the default settings.

    • Configuration file

      Uses a custom answer file.

      If you use a custom answer file that creates disk partitions then, the following is observed:

      • OS is installed successfully on the client computer

      • DeployAnywhere fails to add drivers on the client computer

        If you select the Install drivers from Driver Database during OS installation option, the partition configuration that you specify in the configuration file overwrites the partition that stores the drivers on the client computer.

        If you want to use DeployAnywhere, then you must create partitions using the Partition Disk task from the console.

      • SMA fails to get installed on the client computer

        You must install the SMA manually on the client computer.

    The user name and password that is specified in the answer file is displayed in the plain text format when the client computer is booted in the preboot environment.


    Lets you select the option, Do not reboot the client after SOI.

    If this check box is checked then the client computer is not rebooted after the Windows OS installation completes.

  5. Click OK.

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