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Deleting a copy file contents package

Deployment Solution

You can delete the copy file contents packages that are no longer valid or required.

Before you delete a copy file contents package, ensure that there are no tasks associated with that package. If there are any associated tasks, delete them.

To completely remove a copy file contents package, first delete it from the Symantec Management Platform, and then manually delete it from the Deployment Share. After deleting the copy file contents package, update all the site servers to reflect the updated list of packages.

To delete a copy file contents package

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Manage menu, click Settings > All Settings.

  2. In the left pane, expand Deployment and Migration > Copy File Contents.

  3. Right-click the file you want to delete and select Delete.

  4. Click OK on the confirmation message box.

  5. On the Deployment Share, go to the following folder:

    \\localhost\Deployment\Task Handler\CopyFile

  6. Delete the relevant copy file contents package.