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About PXE configuration using Network Boot Service

Deployment Solution

A Pre-Boot Execution Environment (PXE) lets you boot computers using network interfaces such as a Network Interface Card (NIC). In Deployment Solution, PXE service, SymantecNetworkBootService(PxeandBSDP) is a part of the Network Boot Service (NBS), which is installed on the Windows site servers. The PXE service is activated and remains in the state only if the NBS is in the enabled state. The NBS is rolled out on the site servers as a policy whose state you can control from the console.

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The preboot booting options that you can configure through the NBS includes booting using a PXE image for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Deployment Solution also lets you boot the UEFI computers using a PXE image of Windows (x64) architecture.

A PXE image is required to boot client computers in preboot environment before you install a Windows operating system, a Linux operating system , or a Mac operating system on those computers. Deployment Solution supports and packages the preboot environments, WinPE, and LinuxPE of Windows operating system and Linux operating system, respectively. You create PXE images specific to the WinPE or LinuxPE architectures. For the Mac client computers, you create NetBoot image to boot the computers with before you install a Mac operating system on them.

Before you configure NBS on the site servers, you must create the PXE images for the Windows or Linux client computers. For the Mac client computers, you must create the NetBoot images.

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You create PXE images using the Settings > Deployment > Create Preboot Configuration dialog box of the console. After a PXE image is created, the image is sent to the site servers that are installed with NBS.

Deployment Solution has a provision to boot an unknown computer, a predefined computer, or a managed computer in the preboot environment. You can also add drivers for the PXE image of a Linux or Windows client computer to ensure that the PXE image supports the new hardware. The drivers that are added in the preboot environment are stored in the Preboot database of Deployment Solution.