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Customizing preboot background image manually

Deployment Solution

Deployment Solution has the provision to customize the preboot background screen image manually. You can now replace the background screen image displayed in WinPE preboot environment.

To replace the background screen image manually

  1. Create two background graphic images in the .bmp format and of 640x480 or 800x600 pixels in resolution.

    One image must be for the unlocked WinPE preboot environment and the other for the WinPE preboot environment in which the keyboard and mouse are locked.

  2. Name the files as winpe.bmp and winpe-lock.bmp and place them in the following directories

    • \bootwiz\oem\ds\winpe2\x86\optional\boot

    • \bootwiz\oem\ds\winpe2\x64\optional\boot

    Ensure that you place the files both on the computer on which Symantec Management Platform is installed and on the site servers.