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About NBS General Settings

Deployment Solution

The NBS General Settings option of the Network Boot Service (NBS) lets you configure one or more site servers with preboot configuration settings. The preboot configuration settings are required to configure the client computers to boot in the pre-OS or preboot environment using a PXE image or NetBoot image. A PXE image is related to the Windows or Linux preboot environments whereas a NetBoot image is related to the Mac environment. Computers of UEFI architecture can boot in the preboot environment using the x64-bit PXE image of Windows. Deployment Solution categorizes preboot configuration settings for unknown computers, managed computers, and predefined computers.

The NBS General Settings configuration is applicable only when NBS is installed on the site server and the service is enabled.

See Installing Network Boot Service on site server

You can access the NBS General Settings option from the following menus of the console:

  • Settings > Notification Server >Site Server Settings

    In the Site Management view pane, access Settings > Network Boot Service > Settings > NBS General Setting.

  • Settings > Deployment > NBS General Settings

For more information see the following video:

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