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About supporting Macintosh computers

Deployment Solution

Deployment Solution supports Macintosh computers of an enterprise network to set up, execute, and report on the deployment-related tasks that are executed on the computers. Some of the deployment-related tasks of the Deployment Solution for Mac computers are imaging, installing operating system and so on. Similar to Windows and Linux computers, Mac computers too are driven by the Symantec Management Agent and the Deployment Solution plug-in for execution of any deployment-related tasks on the computers.

Deployment Solution supports set up of the Mac computers that can be categorized into unknown, predefined, or managed. A new Mac computer that is added in a network without a computer name or IP address and is unmanaged by the Symantec Management Platform (SMP) is called the unknown computer. A predefined Mac computer is a computer for which you add the details such as computer name, MAC address and so on to the Symantec Management Platform even before the computer is added to the network. You can add the computer name and the hardware identifier through the SMP console and the details are stored in the database. Managed computers are the ones on which the Symantec Management Agent is installed and are managed by the SMP.

The key features that are supported for the Mac computers are as follows:

  • Booting Mac computers in preboot environment

  • Imaging Mac computers

  • Installing the Mac OS

  • Performing system configuration after deploying an image.

Deployment Solution leverages these features even without the presence or connection with the Apple Server. Mac computers boot in the preboot environment using a NetBoot image or in an automation environment using an automation folder. An automation environment is installed on the client computer when the Deployment Automation folder for Mac - Install policy is enabled from the SMP. A NetInstall image is required for installing a Mac OS on the client computer. A NetBoot image and a NetInstall image can be created using the Symantec's Mac pre-OS Creation Utility (MOCU) of the Deployment Solution along with the Apple's System Image Utility. Deployment Solution also facilitates creation of jobs and tasks for Mac computers through the Jobs and Tasks page of the console. In the console you can access the Jobs and Tasks page by navigating to Manage > Jobs and Tasks > Deployment and Migration.

Deployment Solution lets you perform the following tasks on Mac computers:

  • Create Image

  • Deploy Image

  • Install Mac OS

  • Apply System Configuration

  • Boot To

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