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Troubleshooting Tip: PXE and automation environment

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The troubleshooting tips related to PXE environment and automation environment are as follows:

Table: PXE and automation environment





does not get overwritten and PXE listens on the IP addresses that it picks up at startup.

PXE is not binding to the given IP address when the Symantec Boot Services server has two NIC cards installed on it.

This workaround is based on the following conditions:

  • Symantec boot services server is running on win2k8R2.

  • Symantec boot services server has two active NICs.

  • DHCP server and Symantec boot services server are bound on the same NIC.

Assuming that the two NICs are A and B, perform the following to make the Symantec boot services server operational:

  • If you want to use the NIC B for SBS, you need to check the binding preference of this card. Perform the following steps on 2k8 R2 computer:

    Go to Network > Properties> Change Adapter SettingsBoth A and B NICs are present here.

  • On this window (network connections), press Alt (keyboard option).Then the file menu options are visible. Select the Advanced menu and click Advanced Settings . Change the connections order so that NIC B is set to the first row in the list. Click Ok to save the changes.

    You have changed the binding order of the NIC on your computer.

  • Now check the binding of the DHCP server and clicking the DHCP server by Start > Run > dhcpmgmt.msc.

    Click on the + option in the left pane so that the ipv4 and ipv6 options are visible. Then, right-click on the host name and click on the Add/Remove bindings menu. You can see the server Bindings properties window.

    Click on NIC B so that the binding can be set to IP of NIC B only. Then, click Ok to save the changes.