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Troubleshooting Tip: Driver database management

Deployment Solution

The troubleshooting tips related to Deployment Solution drivers and driver database management are as follows:

Table: Driver database management




Device in the Device Manager shows an exclamation mark after performing a scripted OS installation for DeployAnywhere

When DA-SOI for Non critical drivers is executed,all the DeployAnywhere and scripted OS installations are performed. However when the operating system is up, the devices in the device manager appear with an exclamation mark and cannot be used. When the same drivers are applied to the device manually , the following warning/error message occurs:

driver failed in windows logo test

If the unsigned drivers show an exclamation mark for the devices, use the following tag entry in the unattended answer file:


Multiple deletion of drivers from the console is not possible

You cannot delete multiple drivers of DeployAnywhere database through the Driver Database Management dialog box.

You can delete the drivers from DriverDB database.

Even after the drivers are deleted from the DriverDB database, the Driver Database Management dialog box displays the drivers.

Drivers not replicated on Package Server if a large number of drivers are added at a time

When you add a large number of drivers through the Driver Database Management dialog box, the Package Server is not replicated with all the drivers that you add.

This issue occurs because the driver database operation times out.

You can perform the following steps to replicate the drivers on the Package Servers:

  • In the console, navigate to Settings > All Settings

  • Browse to Settings> Deployment and Migration > Packages > DriversDB

  • In the Package tab, click Update Distribution Points