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Troubleshooting Tip: General installation and configuration

Deployment Solution

The troubleshooting tips related to the installation of the Deployment Solution components and its configuration are as follows:

Table: General installation and configuration




During Installation for Plug-in, a package is rolled out before the maintenance window starts on the client computer when Run once ASAP in maintenance window only is checked in.

You cannot install the Deployment Solution plug-in in a maintenance window by using the Run once ASAP in maintenance window only option.

You are required to create a schedule using the Add Schedule option.

Deployment folder in IIS gets deleted from the package server.

The Deployment folder that is present in the IIS gets removed if you install the Deployment Solution package server component and then enable the Network Boot Service (NBS) on the site server that is configured with both package server component and the NBS.

Launch the Create_DeploymentDir.bat file that is present on the following path of the package server:

<install_dir>/Altiris/Altiris Agent/Package Delivery/{76D113DE-16D4-4A31-826F- A4DACCEAC8AB}/cache/

To verify if the Deployment folder is created under the Altiris\PS in IIS on the package server, refresh the default website.