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Troubleshooting Tip: Client Communication and Package Download Issues

Deployment Solution

The troubleshooting tips related to client communication and package download of Deployment Solution plug-ins are as follows:

Table: Client communication and package download



Work around

Error Failed to find available codebase for download error is displayed on installing deployment and automation plug-ins.

On installing deployment plug-ins using aex-swdapm commands, if the IIS (Internet Informational Services) is not installed on the Package server, the installation fails.

All ULM client communication is done using HTTP or HTTPS. Therefore, a Web server is required. You should install IIS on Package server to facilitate codebase download.

For more information on related issues, refer to the following article:

Downloading DS Automation folder and Plug-in fails for Mac clients using SMB (Server Message Block) share.

Whenever a Mac client accesses any folder using SMB share a .DS_Store hidden file is created which does not allow the Mac client to download DS automation folders and Plug-ins

You should unhide the .DS_Store file and run the policy again to download automation folder and Plug-ins.

Error Package download failed because package was removed is displayed for clients.

An error is displayed on the client machines on downloading a package

You should disable the Windows authentication in IIS for the package.

Issue arises when client codebase files contain an invalid Notification server name.

The setting called Preferred NSHost lets you specify a preferred Notification Server hostname for SWD (Serial Wire Debug) codebase and snapshot URLs that point to the Notification Server. With Notification Server 7 there is a registry key that controls this information. The CoreSettings.config file has the record for the registry key but it is just a reference of this registry key. If you modify the registry value in the coreSettings.config you will break its functionality.

Check the registry on the Notification Server for the PreferredNSHost value. The entry in the coreSettings.config for Notification Server 7 should be <customSetting key="PreferredNSHost" type="registry" regkey="Notification Server" regvalue="PreferredNSHost" />. For more information on this issue read the following article.