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Booting an unknown Mac computer in NetBoot environment

Deployment Solution

Deployment Solution lets you boot an unknown Mac computer in the preboot environment using a NetBoot image. An unknown client computer is not managed by the Symantec Management Platform (SMP).

To boot an unknown client computer with the default NetBoot image, hold the N key of the keyboard while booting the Mac computer that is added in the network.

The following process elaborates the steps that are involved to boot a client computer in NetBoot environment using a NetBoot image when an unknown computer is added in the network:

Table: Process for booting an unknown Mac computer with NetBoot image




Step 1

Launch the Console

Launch the Symantec Management Console.

You can launch the console either from the Start menu of the Notification Server computer or from any computer of the network. To access the console from a different computer, you must type the following:

http://<IP address of NS>/altiris/console

Step 2

Install the Network Boot Service on a site server

Install the Network Boot Service (NBS) on a site server before you perform any other configurations.

See Installing Network Boot Service on site server

Step 3

Create and modify a NetBoot image using Symantec's Mac pre-OS Creation Utility

Create and modify a NetBoot image that is used to boot the Mac client computer. You can do this using the Symantec's Mac pre-OS Creation Utility. This utility along with Apple's System Image Utility is used to create and modify the NetBoot image to make it compatible for Deployment Solution.

See Creating and modifying NetBoot images

Step 4

Create preboot environment

Create a preboot environment with the NetBoot image. The preboot environment ensures that the NetBoot image is uploaded on the Notification Server computer. It is then distributed to all the NBS in the network.

Step 5

Enable the NBS service to support Boot Service Discovery Protocol

Enable the following services in the Network Boot Service Configuration pane of the NBS General Settings dialog box:

  • Enable the NBS service

  • Enable Mac NetBoot (BSDP) support

See Configuring NBS for Mac computers

Step 6

Configure response for unknown computers

In the NBS General Settings, set default response for unknown computers.

In the Netboot menu (Mac) of Initial Deployment (Unknown Computer) Menu, select the Respond to unknown computers and select the Default Boot image from the list of NetBoot images that are configured from the Create Preboot Configuration menu of the console.

See Configuring NBS for Mac computers

Step 7

Boot the client computer in preboot environment

Turn on your Mac client with the DHCP IP enabled and hold the N key of the keyboard. The client computer searches for the Network Boot Server (NBS) by broadcasting Boot Service Discovery Protocol (BSDP) requests. NBS receives and processes this BSDP request. The client then receives and boots the default NetBoot image as set in the NBS in step 6.

On booting the unknown computer with the NetBoot image its inventory is added and displayed in SMP as a predefined computer.