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Configuring Network Boot Service for predefined computers

Deployment Solution

Predefined computers of Deployment Solution are those computers whose details are added to the Notification Server even before the computers are added to the network. The specific computer details that qualify a client computer as predefined computer are, computer name, MAC address, Serial number, UUID and so on. Deployment Solution's filter criteria resolves an unknown computer as a predefined computer based on these computer details that are added to the Notification Server. You can add the computer details through the Settings > Deployment > Predefined Computers menu of the console.

To boot a predefined computer in the preboot environment, you must do the following:

  • Create and configure a preboot environment through the Settings > Deployment > Create Preboot Configurations menu.

  • Configure a site server with the Network Boot Service (NBS) settings of predefined computers

For Windows, after the client computers boot to the preboot environment, you can configure the initial deployment job that executes on the computers. The initial deployment job menu contains the tasks that you configure through the Settings > Deployment > Initial Deployment Settings > Redeployment (Managed Computer) Menu menu to execute on the client computers.

To configure NBS settings for predefined computers

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, click Settings >Deployment > NBS General Settings.

  2. In the NBS General Settings dialog box, for the Network Boot Service Configuration, configure the settings for the predefined client computers.

    Network Boot Service Configuration

    Lets you configure the Network Boot Service (NBS) for a site server.

    To enable or disable the policy, you must select the Turn On or Turn Off icons on the right side of the dialog box or page.

    Apply NBS settings immediately

    Check the option if you want to apply the NBS settings immediately on the site servers.

    If the option remains unchecked then the NBS configurations changes are applied as per the schedule set in the Symantec Management Agent (SMA) for rolling out policies.

    Enable the NBS service

    Lets you start or stop the PXE service on the NBS site servers.

    By default, this option is checked.

    For the Mac computers, you can enable or disable the Mac Netboot BSDP service on the NBS site servers through Enable Mac Netboot (BSDP) support option.

    Reset button

    Lets you restore the previous NBS settings that you configured in the dialog box.

  3. In the NBS General Settings dialog box, for the Redeployment (Predefined Computer) Menu, select PXE menu (Windows/ Linux) tab.

    Configure the following settings:

    • Respond to Predefined computers

      Check this option if you want to respond to the predefined client computers.

    • PXE boot image

      Select the PXE or preboot image that you have configured to boot the predefined computers in the preboot environment. If you do not want to boot using a PXE image, you can select, Next Device (BIOS/EFI) . The potential booting devices of BIOS are CD, hard disk, and so on. Based on whether the default boot option of the client computer is set to BIOS or EFI, the computer boots to the preboot environment. Computers of UEFI architecture can boot in the preboot environment using the x64-bit preboot or PXE image of Windows.

      For the PXE image, select any of the following architectures from the drop-down list:

      • Auto

        This option is displayed if a preboot configuration is created for both x86 and x64 architectures and selects the appropriate configuration as per the architecture of the client computer. For example, if you have a client computer whose processor type is x64 but the installed operating system is Windows 7 x86, then the Auto option boots the computer in x64 architecture.

      • x86

        Select this option if the PXE image that you have created is for the x86 architecture of the operating system.

      • x64

        Select this option if the PXE image that you have created is for the x64 architecture of the operating system.

    • Prompt

      Configure this option to change the default prompt for F8 when booting the computer in the preboot environment. You can enter a message in the textbox that you want to display on the client computer. After the message appears in the client computer, you can press F8 to invoke the network boot menu. Select the option, Continue immediately if you want to deploy the PXE boot image immediately after you select the boot image or select, Continue after to invoke the boot menu after the time period that you specify.

  4. Click Save changes.

    If you are reading this procedure as a part of a process, return to the process by clicking on the following link:

    See Preparing predefined computers to boot with WinPE image