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Installing Network Boot Service on site server

Deployment Solution

Network Boot Service (NBS) is a component of Deployment Solution that you install and run as a service on a site server. This service is independent of the presence of Task service or Package service on a site server and handles all communication with the Symantec Management Platform (SMP) for Deployment Solution. You must install the Microsoft XML Core Services 6.0 on the site server on which you install the NBS component. The NBS comprises of the PXE and BSDP service and the TFTP service that are installed on the site server after you roll out the NBS service through the SMP console.

After the NBS is installed, the status of the service is displayed as green and the service status is displayed as Started.

See About Network Boot Service

You must install and enable the Network Boot Service (NBS) service on the site server before you create preboot configuration and start configuration of NBS settings.

If you want to install the Deployment Package server component and the NBS on the same site server, then you must install the Deployment Package Server component after installing the NBS on the site server.

To install NBS service on site server

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, navigate to Settings > Notification Server > Site Server settings menu.

  2. In the Site Management window, expand Site Server node in the tree.

  3. On the Site Servers page, click New under the Detailed Information pane.

  4. In the Select Computers dialog box, select the Windows computers that you want to configure as site server and click OK.

  5. In the Add/Remove services dialog box, check the Network Boot Service option for the site servers that you select.

For more information see the following video:

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