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Installing Mac OS on a managed computer

Deployment Solution

Deployment solution lets you install the Mac operating system on a managed computer. A managed computer is managed by the Symantec Management Platform (SMP) and is installed with the Symantec Management Agent (SMA). Deployment Solution lets you install the Mac operating system on a specific volume of the managed client computer.

Following process elaborates the steps that are involved in installing the Mac operating system on a managed Mac computer:

Table: Process for installing Mac operating system on a managed Mac client




Step 1

Launch the Console

Launch the Symantec Management Console.

You can launch the console either from the Start menu of the Notification Server computer or from any computer of the network. To access the console from a different computer, you must type the following:

http://<IP address of NS>/altiris/console

Step 2

Create and modify the NetInstall image using Symantec's Mac pre-OS Creation Utility

Create and modify NetInstall image to be installed on Mac client computer. You can do this using the Symantec's Mac pre-OS Creation Utility.

See Creating and modifying NetInstall images

Step 3

Create preboot environment.

Create a preboot environment with the NetInstall image. The preboot environment ensures that the NetInstall image is uploaded on the Notification Server from where it is distributed to all the NBS in the network.

Step 4

Enable the NBS service to support Boot Service Discovery Protocol

Enable the Enable the NBS service and Enable Mac NetBoot (BSDP) support in Network Boot Service Configuration pane of the NBS General Settings dialog box.

See Configuring NBS for Mac computers

Step 5

Create and schedule an Install Mac OS task

Create an Install Mac OS task, to install the Mac operating system. Specify the details of the target volume in the configuration file on which you want to install the new operating system.

If you want to clean the disk and create new partitions, do it before running the task, you must manually erase the disk and create new partitions on the disk for Mac computers

To schedule, you can either use the Quick Run option or schedule the task for the client computer.

See Installing Mac OS using Deployment Solution

See Scheduling a deployment job or task