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About Mac configuration file

Deployment Solution

In Deployment Solution, a configuration file is also known as the answer file and stores parameters for an operating system (OS) installation. You can customize a configuration file to perform an unattended OS installation.

The configuration file for Mac operating system is in the following location of the computer on which SMP is installed:

<instaldir>\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\bin\UNIX\Deployment\Mac\NetInstall\AnswerFile\

Refer to Apple's support documentation to know more about the parameters.

For mass installation of Mac operating system, do not specify the TargetUUID parameter. The TargetUUID parameter is unique for every client computer and interrupts mass operating system installation.

Following are the parameters that you can customize in a Mac configuration file:

Table: Parameters for Mac configuration file




You can set the type of installation as automated.

You can set the type of installation as automated if the workflow in the Apple's System Image Utility includes Enable Automated Installation while creating the NetInstall image


You can set the preferred language of operation.


Set the Package name with the folder location. By default it is set as >/System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg


Symantec recommends setting the ShouldErase parameter as False. If you set it as True, then you must select the drive, on which the Mac operating system must be installed and install the Symantec Management Agent and Deployment Plug-in manually on the client computer.


Set the target volume where the operating system has to be installed. By default it is set to Volumes/Macintosh HD.

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