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About types of client computers in Deployment Solution

Deployment Solution

The core function of Deployment Solution includes identifying, setting up, and managing different types of client computers. The type of the client computer is categorized based on whether the computer is a bare metal computer, a predefined computer, or a managed computer that is registered with Notification Server.

The types of client computers that Deployment Solution can set up and manage are as follows:

Deployment Solution identifies the computer type, and then boots the client computer to the preboot or pre-OS environment to perform other deployment and maintenance tasks.

Table: Types of client computers in Deployment Solution

Type of client computer


Unknown computer

An unknown computer is a bare metal computer that does not have an operating system to boot. The unknown computer when plugged into a network is identified by the Symantec Management Platform (SMP) as an unmanaged computer because it does not have the Symantec Management Agent (SMA) installed on it.

After an unknown computer is added to the network, you can boot it to the preboot environment. You can then install an operating system to perform other deployment and maintenance tasks.

Predefined computer

A predefined computer is a computer for which you add the details such as computer name, MAC address and so on before adding the computer to the network.

To create a predefined computer, you can either add the computer details or import the computer details. If you add a predefined computer, then ensure that you specify the computer name, which is mandatory, through the console. Besides the computer name, you can also provide the computer details and the hardware identifiers of the computer that you want to resolve as a predefined computer.

You can also import predefined computer details from a CSV file, into Deployment Solution. After a predefined computer is added to a network, Deployment Solution boots the computer to the preboot environment. After the computer boots to the preboot environment, you can perform tasks such as imaging and system configuration.

Managed computer

A managed computer is a computer on which the SMA is installed.

To execute deployment tasks on a managed computer, such as create disk image, deploy disk images, and changing system configuration, then you must install the Deployment plug-in on the computer.