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Creating preboot configuration for Linux

Deployment Solution

Deployment Solution lets you create Linux preboot environments. The preboot configuration is required to boot client computers in the preboot environment or the pre-OS state. Deployment Solution lets you create two types of preboot environments for Linux operating system such as PXE and automation.

The PXE environment lets you boot a client computer in the preboot environment using a PXE image over a network. A PXE image is saved on the site server on which the Network Boot Service (NBS) is installed. Deployment Solution lets you configure the LinuxPE image using the Create Preboot Configurations option of the console. Ensure that the NBS policy is enabled on the site server before you configure the LinuxPE image. If you configure a LinuxPE image before installing the NBS on a site server, then you have to recreate the environment. Every time a LinuxPE image is configured and saved, the Notification Server (NS) distributes the image to all the NBS site servers of a network.

An automation environment is created when you install an Automation Folder containing the LinuxPE package on a client computer. To install an Automation Folder, you must enable the Deployment Automation folder for Linux -Install policy through the console. By default, Deployment Solution creates LinInstallfolder for Linux computers. The automation folder is created on the Notification Server computer and is installed on the client computers after you enable the predefined deployment Automation Folder Plug-in policy through the console.

You can add a new driver to an existing preboot configuration. After you add the driver, you must recreate that preboot configuration using the Recreate Preboot Environment option of the Preboot Configuration dialog page.

To use the preboot configuration, you must have the administrative rights and the User Account Control (UAC) settings disabled.

You can access either of the following menus to create and configure a preboot environment:

  • Settings > Deployment > Create Preboot Configuration

  • Settings > All Settings > Deployment & Migration > Create Preboot Configuration

To create a preboot configuration

  1. Launch the Symantec Management Console.

  2. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Settings menu, click Deployment > Create Preboot Configurations.

  3. In the Create Preboot Configurations dialog box, click Add.

  4. In the Add Preboot Configurations dialog box, enter the name and description of the preboot configuration.

    Operating System

    Select Linux operating system.


    Select the x86. The x86 Linux preboot configuration can be deployed on both x86-bit client computers as well as x64-bit client computers.


    Select DS Agent as the OEM agent .

    Inject imaging tools

    Select which preboot environments to build

    Select the type of preboot environment you want to configure.

    You can select from the following:

    • PXE

      This preboot configuration can be accessed only from the Network Boot Service (NBS) server. Only the client computers that are configured to boot to and from their network card can access the configuration.

    • Automation Folder

      This preboot configuration can be installed on the client computers by using policies. You can access these policies from Settings > Agent/Plug-ins > Deployment and Migration

    • Both PXE and Automation Folder

      This option creates both types of configuration.

  5. On the Add Preboot Configurations page, click OK.

  6. On the Preboot Configurations page, click Save changes.