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Creating preboot configuration for Mac

Deployment Solution

Deployment Solution lets you create Mac preboot environments. The preboot configuration is required to boot client computers in the preboot environment or the pre-OS state. Deployment Solution lets you create two types of preboot environments for Mac operating system such as NetBoot environment and NetInstall environment.

For Mac, you create NetBoot environment using the images that are created before creating the preboot environment. The NetBoot environment is used to boot the client computer in preboot environment. You can also create a NetInstall environment to boot client computers in the preboot environment and install Mac OS without manual intervention using the Mac configuration file.

See Creating and modifying NetBoot images

To use the preboot configuration, you must have the administrative rights and the User Account Control (UAC) settings disabled.

You can access either of the following menus to create and configure a preboot environment:

  • Settings > Deployment > Create Preboot Configuration

  • Settings > All Settings > Deployment & Migration > Create Preboot Configuration

To create a preboot configuration

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Settings menu, click Deployment > Create Preboot Configurations.

  2. In the Create Preboot Configurations dialog box, click Add.

  3. In the Add Preboot Configurations dialog box, enter the name and description of the preboot configuration.

    Operating system

    Select Mac operating system.


    Select DS Agent as the OEM agent .

    Select Mac Preboot Environment to upload

    These options are available when you select Mac as the operating system.

    You can select either of the following:

    • NetBoot

      You can create a NetBoot configuration environment by selecting NetBoot.

    • NetInstall

      You can create a NetInstall configuration environment by selecting NetInstall.

    Browse and select the NetBoot or NetInstall folder (<name>.nbi ) by clicking on the folder icon. To select a folder that is placed on a UNC location use,

    \\<ipaddress>\<shared folder> in the File Name.

  4. On the Add Preboot Configurations page, click OK.

  5. On the Preboot Configurations page, click Save changes.

    For more information see the following videos:

    Default Chromeless Player