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About Deployment Solution for Dell Servers

Deployment Solution for Dell Servers

You can remotely manage and automate the administration of your Dell servers using Deployment Solution for Dell Servers.

See Using Deployment Solution for Dell Servers

This software addition to Deployment Solution lets you manage your Dell servers. You can create tasks from the predefined task types that Deployment Solution for Dell provides. These tasks can configure your BIOS interfaces, DRAC (Dell remote access controller) cards, and RAID systems. You can also create a task to define dynamic types of RAID configurations. You can install an operating system using a scripted install or image and update hardware configurations.

See About deployment tasks and jobs for Dell servers

You can also use Deployment Solution for Dell to remotely provision servers using zero-touch functionality. You can remotely install servers out of the box and manage those servers across their life cycle.

See Provisioning a Dell server

You should already be familiar with Deployment Solution and how to use its features, such as:

  • Creating a deployment task

  • Scheduling a deployment task

  • Checking the state of a task

  • Combining tasks into jobs

For more information, see the Deployment Solution Help. You can access this guide from the Symantec Management Console on the Help > Documentation Library menu.