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Creating a deployment task for a Dell server

Deployment Solution for Dell Servers

You can run the tasks that configure different types of Dell servers. You can also run the tasks that manage the Lifecycle Controller on your servers.

See About deployment tasks and jobs for Dell servers

After a deployment task is created, it is listed under the Jobs and Tasks > Deployment and Migration > Dell Servers folder. Click any task to view the properties of that task. You can drag and drop tasks to other folders and manually create folders.

Several tasks can also be combined into one job. If you create a job using the Lifecycle Controller tasks, ensure that you create a server job and not a client job.

For more information on combining tasks into jobs, see the Deployment Solution Help.

A task cannot be deleted if it is currently in use by a job or policy. You can use the Jobs and Tasks view on the Manage > Jobs and Task menu to see what jobs and policies use each task.

Tasks can be renamed, deleted, cloned, moved, and scheduled by right-clicking the task and selecting the corresponding option.

To create a deployment task for a Dell server

  1. From the Symantec Management Console, on the Manage menu, click Jobs and Tasks.

  2. In the right pane, click Create a new job or task.

    You can also right-click any folder in the left pane and click New > Task.

  3. On the Create New Job or Task page, in the left pane, expand the Deployment and Migration > Dell Servers folders.

  4. Expand either the DTK folder or the Lifecycle Controller folder.

    For the DTK folder, you can choose tasks from the following folders:

    • BIOS

    • DRAC

    • RAID

  5. Click one of the tasks that are listed.

    For BIOS or DRAC, you can choose from an Advanced or Simple configuration task. For RAID, you can choose either the Advanced configuration or the configuration with rules task.

  6. Select the options that you want.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Schedule the task.

    For more information on scheduling tasks, see the Symantec Management Platform Help.