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About deployment tasks and jobs for Dell servers

Deployment Solution for Dell Servers

Deployment Solution for Dell Servers manages servers using tasks and jobs. Tasks are individual processes, such as booting to a network ISO or configuring a DRAC card. Each task can be scheduled and run.

See Using Deployment Solution for Dell Servers

Jobs are a combination of tasks. Each job can be assigned to specific servers, and each job specifies the order in which each task runs. For example, you can create and run several tasks to perform a scripted OS installation (SOI) job.

See Performing a scripted OS installation without PXE

Deployment Solution for Dell provides many predefined task types that you can use to create the tasks that you need. After you create a task, you can specify the folder that the task is stored in. You can also create new folders for your tasks. You must create each task before it appears in any folders in the left pane of the Symantec Management Console.

See Creating a deployment task for a Dell server

You can run Dell server jobs and tasks from the Deployment Portal.

For more information about the Deployment Portal, see the Deployment Solution Help.

Make sure that your server is booted to the proper environment before you run a task.

Each task saves information about the commands, outputs, and error messages from that task in a log file.

See Viewing a log file for a task

Deployment Solution for Dell provides several predefined task types.

See About DTK tasks for Dell servers

See About Lifecycle Controller tasks for Dell servers

You can use predefined tasks to change the configuration files and options for BIOS, DRAC, and RAID.

See About configuration files