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About zero-touch provisioning

Deployment Solution for Dell Servers

Zero-touch provisioning is a method that you can use to set up your brand new servers, without using PXE. By communicating with the server's DRAC card, you can use this functionality to remotely set up any servers or perform other tasks.

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Zero-touch provisioning works in the following manner:

  • You plug in your server.

  • The DRAC card on your server starts up, finds the Deployment Solution for Dell provisioning Web site, and identifies itself as a new DRAC.

  • The Web site sends commands back to the DRAC.

  • The DRAC is added to the CMDB and assigned a task or a job.

The DRAC can then be booted to a network ISO without using PXE. You can also provision your hardware, perform a scripted OS installation, and complete other tasks without using PXE.