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About configuration files

Deployment Solution for Dell Servers

Deployment Solution for Dell saves configuration files for BIOS, DRAC, and RAID every time inventory runs. For each type of Dell server, inventory automatically runs every time that server boots to the Dell WinPE environment. A new DRAC configuration, BIOS configuration, and RAID configuration file is then stored on the associated Notification Server. Those configuration files are then stored in the CMDB.

For example, if you have a new server, you might PXE boot it to WinPE if the server isn't known to Deployment Solution. The server boots up and gathers inventory, such as your address name, system name, and other identifying information. Then, the Dell inventory information is gathered. This information is stored as the configuration files for that server.

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Each configuration file is an .ini file that is associated with the target server. The files are a list of strings that represent the configuration settings.

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If your server has a BMC (baseboard management controller), Deployment Solution for Dell also lets you change the configuration settings of the BMC. If your server does not have a BMC and you attempt to set the BMC configuration settings, you set the DRAC instead.