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Configure DRAC - Advanced task type

Deployment Solution for Dell Servers

This task lets you change all of the DRAC configuration settings.

See Configure DRAC - Simple task type

See About configuration files

This task supports tokenization. You can use tokens in the configuration file. Tokens are a text substitution for the information that is stored in the CMDB. For example, %COMPNAME%. Deployment Solution for Dell queries the CMDB for the information that matches any tokens in your configuration file. Those tokens are then replaced dynamically with the correct information.

You can access this task from the Create New Job or Task page.

See Creating a deployment task for a Dell server

This task contains the following options:

  • Only execute on systems whose DRAC firmware version matches

    Select this option to run on the servers that have a matching DRAC firmware version. For example, version 1.30.

    Firmware is the Dell software that is installed on the DRAC that lets you communicate with the server. Think of it as the operating system for your DRAC.

  • Only execute on systems whose DRAC type matches

    Select this option to run on the servers that have a matching DRAC type. For example, an iDRAC might be type 10.

  • Import existing DRAC configuration

    Select this option to import the latest, existing DRAC configuration file from the CMDB. This file is the configuration file that was captured the last time that the server booted into Dell WinPE. You can then view and change any option in the list.