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Configure DRAC - Simple task type

Deployment Solution for Dell Servers

This task lets you change a subset of the DRAC configuration settings.

See Configure DRAC - Advanced task type

See About configuration files

Not all settings are supported on all servers.

You can access this task from the Create New Job or Task page.

See Creating a deployment task for a Dell server

Typically, DHCP is used to assign IP addresses to the DRAC configurations. Most DHCP servers also let you make static assignments for specific servers. If you want to assign a specific IP address directly in the configuration file, select the static option. However, you should also reserve these IP ranges on your DHCP server to ensure that you won't have conflicts.

You can change the following DRAC settings:

  • Management port IP settings

    • DHCP (automatic)

    • Static

      You have to assign a static IP address manually with this option. Provide the IP, Gateway, and Subnet addresses.

  • Execute DRAC command (performed after configuration if any)

    You can choose to execute different DRAC commands, such as resetting the DRAC, restoring the factory default settings, and clearing the DRAC logs.