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Configure RAID - Advanced task type

Deployment Solution for Dell Servers

This task lets you configure any disks on your server.

See About configuration files

You can capture two files. The first file lists the hardware on your server and contains information about that hardware. For example, the file lists each drive that exists, what type of controllers exist, and the size of each drive. The second file lists the configuration options that are currently set. For example, the file lists that the server has one disk that is defined on controller 0, and that disk uses drives 1-6.

The second file does not show all of the options that are available. This functionality is different from the way the DRAC and BIOS advanced tasks work.

By comparing the two lists, you can see what disks you have and what disks are in use. You can then configure any of those disks.

You can access this task from the Create New Job or Task page.

See Creating a deployment task for a Dell server

This task contains the following options:

  • Import existing RAID configuration

    This view shows the hardware on your server. It contains information such as the resource ID and the RAID configuration.

  • Clear RAID Options

    You can choose whether the existing RAID configuration is cleared on any controllers. If you do not clear any existing configurations, your new configuration fails. You need to manually clear any existing RAID configurations if you do not select the corresponding option to clear that RAID configuration.

    If you select the option to clear any controller, Deployment Solution for Dell removes all existing configurations. For example, you have 10 different RAID configurations on 10 different controllers and select this option. All of those configurations are cleared.