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Adding a certificate trust list to IIS

Deployment Solution for Dell Servers

You must manually add your certificate trust list (CTL) to IIS so that IIS knows what certificates you want to match.

See Provisioning a Dell server

To add a certificate trust list to IIS

  1. From Windows, click Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

  2. In the left pane, expand the Web Sites folder.

  3. Right-click Dell Provisioning, and then click Properties.

  4. In the Dell Provisioning Properties window, click the Directory Security tab.

  5. Under Secure communications, click Edit.

  6. Ensure that the Enable certificate trust list option is selected.

  7. Click New.

  8. In the Certificate Trust List wizard, click Next.

  9. Click Add from Store.

  10. From the certificate list, select the iDRAC certificate.

  11. Click OK.

  12. In the wizard, click Next.

  13. Type a name in the friendly name field.

    For example, iDRAC_CTL.

  14. Click Next.

  15. Click Finish.

  16. In the Certificate Trust List wizard succeeded dialog, click OK.

  17. Click OK to finish.