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About the Symantec Installation Manager

ITMS Installation and Upgrade

The Symantec Installation Manager is used to install the Symantec Management Platform and IT Management Suite solutions. The Symantec Installation Manager uses an installation wizard that walks you through the installation process. During the installation process, the Symantec Installation Manager verifies hardware and software prerequisites and lets you install additional components such as Microsoft .NET. The installation wizard also helps you perform the initial configuration of Notification Server and the database.

Use the Symantec Installation Manager to perform any of the following tasks:

  • Install new products

  • Upgrade products to more recent versions

  • Install hot fixes

  • Install optional components

  • Back up Notification Server cryptographic keys for disaster recovery

  • Apply purchased licenses

  • Create an installation package to install the products on a computer that does not have an Internet connection

  • Create a support package that you can send to Symantec support

  • Repair or uninstall installed products

  • Reconfigure a product that did not configure successfully during installation

  • Access the Symantec Notification Server Migration Wizard to migrate data from Notification Server 6.x or Symantec Management Platform 7.0

  • View Symantec Installation Manager logs

For more information about Symantec Installation Manager, see the Symantec Installation Manager Getting Started Guide at the following URL: