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About developing an installation plan

ITMS Installation and Upgrade

You use the Symantec Installation Manager to install the IT Management Suite solutions. Before you install and run the Symantec Installation Manager, you must develop an installation plan.

As you develop an installation plan, you must answer the following questions:

  • What type of installation must you perform?

    You must determine if the installation is a first-time installation, an on-box upgrade, or a migration from a previous version of the product. For either a first-time installation or a migration, you must also determine whether the computer can have an Internet connection. Although the overall process for each of these types of installations is very similar, the type of installation affects how you install the product.

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  • How many computers do you plan to manage with the IT Management Suite solutions?

    You configure the installation differently depending on the size of your environment. For example, in a large environment you would not install SQL Server on the same computer where you install the IT Management Suite solutions.

  • Does the computer meet the system requirements?

    During the installation process, Symantec Installation Manager performs a readiness check to determine if the computer is ready for the installation. However, this check only verifies that the computer meets the minimum requirements. Before you begin the installation, you must make sure that the computer meets the system requirements that are appropriate for your environment.

    See The Symantec IT Management Suite Platform Support Matrix

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  • Is the installation for a production environment or for evaluation purposes?

    If you are an evaluator, you can quickly install and begin testing the products. Symantec recommends that you install the products in a test environment before you install them in a production environment. Use the test environment to evaluate and validate the functionalities of the latest version of the IT Management Suite solutions. Throughout the process, keep the test server available to test, troubleshoot, and validate hot fixes and updates.