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Adding a product listing file

ITMS Installation and Upgrade

The product listing file is a platform-neutral XML file that the Symantec Installation Manager uses to install the IT Management Suite solutions. The product listing file displays the IT Management Suite solutions that are installed on the computer and the products that are available for installation.

The default product listing file is file. The product listing file can also be an uncompressed file.

You may be required to add a different product listing file manually in any of the following situations:

  • When you install the ITMS solutions on a computer without Internet connectivity.

    In such case, you download the latest product listing file from and copy the file to the computer that has no Internet connectivity.

  • When you purchase a product that has its own product listing file.

    For example, the third-party products that have their own product listing files.

The Symantec Installation Manager accesses a product listing file that lists the products you can install and update. By default, the Symantec Installation Manager updates the product listing file once a day. Alternatively, you can set the time interval of updating the file, or manually update the product listing file at any time. You can also edit how frequently the Symantec Installation Manager gets the latest product listing file.

To add a product listing file

  1. Log on to the computer where you installed the IT Management Suite solutions as an administrator.

  2. On the computer, start the Symantec Installation Manager.

    See Launching the Symantec Installation Manager

  3. If the Install New Products page appears, click Cancel, and then click Yes to confirm the cancellation.

  4. On the Installed Products page, click Settings.

  5. In the Settings dialog box, click Change product listing.

  6. In the Manage Product Listings dialog box, click Add.

  7. In the Add New Product Listing dialog box, specify the following information, and then click OK:

    • In the Path field, browse and specify the path to the new product listing file.

    • In the Refresh Interval list, specify the time interval of when the product listing file must be refreshed.

      By default, the product listing file is refreshed daily.

    • (Optional) In the User name field and Password field, specify the login credentials for the path of the product listing file.

  8. In the Manage Product Listings dialog box, click OK.

    By default, the product listing file that you specified is displayed as selected in the Product Listings list.

  9. In the Settings dialog box, click OK.

    The Install New Products page displays the IT Management Suite solutions that are available in the newly-added product listing file.