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Reconfiguring an installed product

ITMS Installation and Upgrade

The Symantec Installation Manager installs and automatically configures the IT Management Suite solutions that you selected for installation. Generally, the Symantec Installation Manager configures the installed products without any problems. However, sometimes the Symantec Installation Manager can install a product but cannot configure the installed product.

The failure to configure an installed product can be because of many different issues. For example, a Web communication problem can cause the configuration to fail. If the Symantec Installation Manager cannot configure an installed product, a list of installed but unconfigured solutions appears at the end of the installation. You can then access the unconfigured solutions on the Installed Products page and attempt to reconfigure them.

If you reconfigure a solution and it is still not properly configured, you can uninstall and reinstall the solution to resolve the configuration error. If reinstalling a solution does not resolve the problem, create a support package and send the package to Symantec Support team for verification.

See Creating a support package

To reconfigure an installed solution

  1. Log on to the computer where you installed the IT Management Suite solutions as an administrator.

  2. On the computer, start the Symantec Installation Manager.

    See Launching the Symantec Installation Manager

  3. On the Installed Products page, in the Installed products list, check if there is any solution available with the Reconfigure option.

    If the Reconfigure option does not appear for any of the installed solutions, then all the installed solutions are configured. The option to reconfigure a solution appears only if a solution is installed but not configured.

  4. If there are any solutions available for reconfiguration, click Reconfigure and then click Yes on the dialog box that appears.

  5. When the configuration is complete, click Finish on the Configuration complete page.