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IIS role services installed by the Symantec Installation Manager

ITMS Installation and Upgrade

Before you begin installing the IT Management Suite, you must install the Web server (IIS) role on the computer. If the required IIS role services are not installed, you are prompted to install them on the Install Readiness Check page from the Symantec Installation Manager. When you confirm the installation, the Symantec Installation Manager can automatically install and configure these IIS role services on the server.

Apart from the IIS role services that are installed with the Web server, you may also require to install a few additional IIS role services. These roles services are required to install the IT Management Suite. The Symantec Installation Manager identifies such IIS roles services and prompts you to install them automatically through the Install Readiness Check page of the Symantec Installation Manager installation wizard.

Following are the IIS role services that are installed when you configure the IIS role on the computer:

  • Application Server

    • Web Server (IIS) Support

    • Windows Process Activation Service Support

    • HTTP Activation

    • Web Server (IIS)

  • Web Server

    • Common HTTP Features

    • Static Content

    • Default Document

    • Directory Browsing

    • HTTP Errors

    • HTTP Redirection

  • Application Development

    • ASP.NET

    • .NET Extensibility

    • ASP

    • ISAPI Extensions

    • ISAPI Filters

  • Health and Diagnostics

    • HTTP Logging

    • Logging Tools

    • Request Monitor

  • Tracing

  • Security

    • Basic Authentication

    • Windows Authentication

    • Digest Authentication

  • Client Certificate Mapping Authentication

  • IIS Client Certificate Mapping Authentication

  • URL Authorization

    • Request Filtering

    • IP and Domain Restrictions

  • Performance

    • Static Content Compression

    • Dynamic Content Compression

  • Management Tools

    • IIS Management Console

    • IIS Management Scripts and Tools

    • Management Service

    • IIS 6 Management Compatibility

    • IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility

    • IIS 6 WMI Compatibility

    • IIS 6 Scripting Tools

    • IIS 6 Management Console