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ITMS Installation and Upgrade

The Symantec IT Management Suite Platform Support Matrix (PSM) has been created to provide current and future planned platform support information to interested parties. It is organized to display supportability information based on the Symantec IT Management Suite (ITMS) components as well as by ITMS release.

Many OS and database platforms include multiple versions that are based on the same platform kernel. An example would be Windows Vista where there is Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate. QA testing resources are limited; therefore, we have only included a platform in the PSM if that platform has actually been tested. This does not necessarily prevent a derivative platform from being used by a customer, however, it should be understood that if an untested derivative platform were used, support would not be provided.1

Any forward-looking indication of plans for products is preliminary. All future release dates are tentative and are subject to change. Any future release of the product or planned modifications to product capability, functionality or feature is subject to ongoing evaluation by Symantec, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions

As changes occur, an updated version of this document will be made available.

The PSM includes supportability matrices for the Symantec solutions currently included in Client Management Suite (CMS), Server Management Suite (SMS) or IT Management Suite (ITMS). For additional Symantec solution support information, please refer to the solution release notes published with each solution.

1Requests to formally support currently untested platforms will be treated as an enhancement request and will be considered in the context of the numbers of customers who could benefit from support weighted against the amount of QA and Engineering effort required to provide that support