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Performing post-upgrade tasks

ITMS Installation and Upgrade

After the upgrade, you must perform additional tasks to ensure that your ITMS 7.5 SP1 environment functions correctly. The tasks also let you revert to the ITMS environment configurations that you had set up before the upgrade. You use the Symantec Management Console of Notification Server to execute these tasks.

To ensure a successful upgrade to IT Management Suite 7.5 SP1

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, click Settings, and compare the configuration settings to the ones you recorded when you prepared to upgrade.

    Revert to the settings that you recorded while preparing to upgrade to ITMS 7.5 SP1 to keep your system running as it did before the upgrade.

  2. If you had hierarchy implemented in your environment previously and had disabled the hierarchy during an upgrade, you must upgrade all the servers in the hierarchy.

    The recommended practice is to upgrade Notification Servers starting from the lowest level to the highest level in the hierarchy. This means that you upgrade the lowest-level child Notification Servers and gradually upgrade the servers in the hierarchy till you reach the parent Notification Server. Ensure that each child Notification Server is upgraded to a higher version before its parent. You do not need to break any hierarchy relationships in the process. For more information, see

  3. Recreate a hierarchical relationship between Notification Servers in your environment, and enable the hierarchy replication that you had disabled before the upgrade.

    For more information on setting up hierarchy and upgrading Notification Servers in a hierarchy, see the following knowledge base articles:

  4. Review Notification Server logs after the upgrade for errors or for warnings that may cause instability with the product.

    To open the Log Viewer, click Start > All Programs > Symantec > Diagnostics > Altiris Log Viewer, to open the Log Viewer.

    Check Symantec logs for existing errors or warnings. If any errors or warnings are found, take note and try to resolve them after the upgrade.

  5. Perform a database defragmentation of the Symantec CMDB database to compact the database and increase the disk performance.

    For more information on performing a database defragmentation , see the or the Microsoft TechNet site.

  6. Restore the CMDB database after the upgrade.

    For more information about how to restore the CMDB database, see the following knowledge base article:

For further information on configuring your environment, refer to the IT Management Suite Administration Guide.