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Installing critical product listing updates

ITMS Installation and Upgrade

Sometimes, the Symantec Installation Manager displays a critical update message for the product listing file. The critical update of the product listing file forces you to resolve the critical update on the Notification Server computer. The critical update lets you identify the computer, thereby moving the computer from an unsupported state to a known state. The critical update contains a fix to the product listing file that you used to install the IT Management Suite solutions.

When a critical update is required, the Symantec Installation Manager displays the following message:

A critical update is required for the following installed products.

The critical update is mandatory, and you can postpone the critical update but you cannot bypass the update. The Symantec Installation Manager does not let you install, uninstall, or repair any IT Management Suite solution until the update is completed.

To install the critical update on the Notification Server computer

  1. Log on to the computer where you installed the IT Management Suite solutions as an administrator.

  2. On the computer, start the Symantec Installation Manager.

    See Launching the Symantec Installation Manager

  3. On the critical update screen of the Symantec Installation Manager, click OK.

  4. Follow the installation wizard to complete the remaining steps.