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Creating an HTTPS binding

ITMS Installation and Upgrade

Before you perform this step, ensure that you have created or imported an appropriate SSL certificate.

See Creating or importing an SSL certificate

After you create an SSL certificate, you must add bindings to a website for establishing an HTTPS binding. This action lets you access the website by using HTTPS communication protocol. For a website, you must set up HTTPS binding on port 443 to use the newly-created SSL certificate and HTTP binding on port 80.

To create an HTTPS binding to use SSL certificate

  1. Log on to the Notification Server computer as an administrator.

  2. On the Start menu, click Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

  3. From the list of different server sites in the left pane, select the required website.

  4. Under the Edit Site area, click Bindings.

  5. Under the IIS area, double-click Server Certificates.

  6. In the Add Site Binding dialog box, specify the following details, and then click OK:

    • In the Type list, select https to specify the HTTPS communication protocol.

    • In the IP address list, select an existing IP address or type an IP address that users can use to access this site.

    • In the Port field, type the port on which HTTP.sys must listen for the requests that are made to this site.

      The default port for HTTPS binding is 443. If you specify a different port than port 443, then the client computers must specify the port number in requests to the server or they cannot connect to the site.

    • In the SSL Certificate list, select the self-signed certificate that you want the website to use for SSL.

      The SSL certificate list appears only when you select HTTPS from the Type list.

  7. Click Close to save the changes.

The next step is to verify the HTTPS binding by making a request to the website.

See Verifying the HTTPS binding

For a detailed end-to-end process on setting up HTTPS communication in your ITMS environment, See Configuring Notification Server to use HTTPS after ITMS installation is completed

For more information about setting up HTTPS communication in your ITMS environment, see the How to run ITMS on HTTPS feature card.