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Post-migration checklist for IT Management Suite migration

ITMS Installation and Upgrade

The following table provides a checklist for the migration tasks you must do after you install IT Management Suite 7.5 and migrate the data:

Table: Migration checklist - After you install IT Management Suite and migrate your data



Verify the migrated data manually.

You must browse the migrated data such as policies, reports, and packages and verify their state.

Redirect the managed computers.

After you validate the migrated data, redirect the groups of managed computers to report to the new Notification Server 7.5. Once the managed computers report to Notification Server 7.5, use an agent upgrade policy to upgrade their agents.

Recreate hierarchical relationships.

After installing IT Management Suite, if you have used hierarchical relationships and still require them, you must recreate hierarchical relationships and enable replication.

Configure additional network ports for performing different communication tasks.

Verify and configure the additional network ports for executing specific communication tasks in your environment.

Notification Server and endpoints communicate with each other using the standard web ports. By default, the standard web ports, such as port 80 for HTTP communication and port 443 for HTTPS communication, are configured on the computers.

Apart from the standard web ports that are configured on computers, you might have to configure additional network ports to perform specific communication tasks. For example, the following tasks require configuration of additional network ports on the computer:

  • Enabling the hierarchy and replication on the Notification Server computer.

  • Downloading packages from Notification Server or package server on the client computer.

  • Downloading the agent for UNIX, Linux, or Mac operating systems from Notification Server on the client computer.

The following knowledge base article provides information about all the additional communication tasks and their associated network ports that you can configure in your IT Management Suite 7.5 environment: