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About gathering custom inventory

Inventory Solution

To extend the type of inventory data that you gather, custom inventory lets you create the new data classes that are not included by default.

Custom inventory also lets you extend the use of predefined data classes by configuring them. For example, the attributes of the Processor Extension data class are Device ID, L2 Cache Size, and L2 Cache Speed. You add or remove the data class attributes.

See Gathering custom inventory

See Creating and configuring a data class

If you save an empty custom data class in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), you can modify it in the following ways:

  • You can add nullable, non-nullable, key, and non-key attributes to it.

  • You can delete its attributes.

  • You can change the properties of its attributes.

If the custom data class already contains data, you cannot modify it.

After you configure a data class, you create a task with scripting logic and schedule it to run on the managed computers.

See Creating a custom inventory script task

Warning: Use caution if you gather inventory using the custom data class, and the same data class is also part of the standard inventory. When a standard inventory follows a custom inventory, the data that the standard inventory gathers overwrites the data that the custom inventory gathers. To prevent the custom inventory data from being overwritten, you must perform the custom inventory after the standard inventory.