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About baseline inventory

Inventory Solution

This type of inventory is only available for Windows computers.

Baseline inventory lets you track and compare the changes in files and registry keys on managed computers. You generate a baseline that identifies the files or registry settings of a computer. You can later run the compliance scans on your managed computers to compare their current files or registry keys with those in the baseline. The differences between the baseline scan and compliance scan data are reported to the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Baseline inventory reports newly added files, missing files, and registry keys. It also reports duplicate files and indicates if the files have the same version or a different version.

You can use the baseline inventory for the following purposes:

  • Track the files and registries that deviate from the corporate standards.

  • Verify the accuracy of rollouts and upgrades.

  • View a compliance level summary of the computer and reports of the changes in a file.

  • Automatically notify system administrators or the help desk when a computer is non-compliant.

Baseline inventory uses standard tasks to perform the baseline scan and compliance scan. You can view reports to track baseline and compliance scan information.

The baseline inventory is the same for file and registry baselines. However, the configuration files, snapshot files, and tasks differ. The baseline configuration file contains the options that determine the files or registry settings to scan. You can use the default configuration file, edit it, or create one or more custom configuration files.

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Compliance scan compares the current files or registry keys on one or more computers with the baseline snapshot (.BLS) files. The differences between the baseline and the compliance scans are written to an output file on the scanned computer and reported to the CMDB.

The baseline scan captures the current files or registry keys settings on a computer. It also compiles a baseline snapshot file which is used during the compliance scan.

The baseline scan and the compliance scan report information about the scanned computers and the scan results. You can use notification tasks to automatically notify the system administrator or the help desk when certain events occur. This feature helps you prevent the system failures that might occur when a computer becomes non-compliant.

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