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Components of Inventory Solution

Inventory Solution

Inventory Solution provides the following components and tools to help you perform inventory tasks.

Table: Components of Inventory Solution



Inventory plug-ins

The following plug-ins work with the Symantec Management Agent to gather inventory on the managed computers and communicate with Notification Server.

  • Inventory Plug-in

    This plug-in lets you gather inventory data on managed computers.

  • Application Metering Plug-in for Windows

    This plug-in lets you meter or deny applications on managed Windows computers.

  • Inventory Pack for Servers Plug-in

    If you have Inventory Pack for Servers running on top of Inventory Solution, you can gather server-based inventory data from managed server computers.

    See About Inventory Pack for Servers

Inventory policies and tasks

Inventory policies let you gather inventory from managed computers at scheduled intervals. You can create and manage inventory policies from the Symantec Management Console.

Symantec recommends that you use inventory policies instead of tasks for recurring inventory activities.

See Methods for gathering inventory

Inventory portal page

This portal page provides links to commonly used inventory tasks and a summary of inventory data and inventory policy status.

Inventory reports

Predefined inventory reports let you view and analyze the gathered inventory data. You can also create custom reports.

See About viewing inventory data

Standalone inventory executables

(Windows only)

You can collect inventory on the computers that are not managed through the Symantec Management Platform. You can create and run the executables that gather inventory data and report it to the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). You can deliver these executables through login scripts, USB keys, network shares, etc.

See About gathering inventory using stand-alone packages

Custom inventory

Inventory Solution gathers inventory data for hundreds of predefined data classes. You can expand and customize the types of data that you want to collect. For example, you can add specific registry data or specific hardware components.

See About gathering custom inventory

Software inventory

You can gather inventory about the software applications that are installed in your environment.

You can use the following software inventory methods:

  • Basic application file inventory.

  • Add or Remove Programs list and UNIX/Linux/Mac software packages.

  • Targeted software inventory on Windows computers and software inventory using the filescan.rule file on UNIX, Linux, and Mac computers.

  • Validating gathered software inventory data with the Software Catalog Data Provider.

See About gathering software inventory

Software-based usage tracking and application metering

(Windows only)

Inventory Solution lets you perform the following tasks on your managed computers:

  • Track usage of the managed software at the software product, component, and version level by enabling the software-based usage tracking option.

    This task is the primary method to use for the majority of software products.

  • Meter the use and control the availability of applications by running predefined or custom application metering policies.

    Symantec recommends that you use this task only if you need to meter start, stop, and denial events for applications at the file level.

  • Deny multiple applications from running by configuring the predefined Blacklisted Applications policy or running custom application metering policies.

See About software-based usage tracking, application metering, and application denial

Baseline inventory

(Windows only)

You can determine how the inventory data from a client computer is compared to a baseline. You can detect how this data has changed over time, and see the differences between a target computer and a baseline computer.

See About baseline inventory

Software Catalog Data Provider

(Windows only)

You can use the Software Catalog Data Provider (SCDP) to import software inventory data into the Software Catalog.

The SCDP provides a list of known applications and predefined software products that is imported into the CMDB. The SCDP helps you identify the detected software and create a software resource for it in the Software Catalog. By default, most of the SCDP components function automatically.

See About using Inventory Solution with the Software Catalog Data Provider

Altiris™ Inventory for Network Devices from Symantec™

Inventory for Network Devices is a part of Inventory Solution and shares licenses with Inventory Solution if you install the solutions within any of the following suites:

  • Symantec™ Client Management Suite powered by Altiris™ technology

  • Symantec™ Server Management Suite powered by Altiris™ technology

  • Symantec™ IT Management Suite powered by Altiris™ technology

Inventory for Network Devices gathers inventory data from the discovered devices in your network. This inventory is gathered from the devices that are not managed through the Symantec Management Agent. Because a management agent is not required, this inventory is considered an agentless inventory.

See About Inventory for Network Devices