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Metering applications

Inventory Solution

Application metering is only available on Windows computers.

Inventory Solution lets you meter the use and control the availability of applications at the file level by running predefined or custom application metering policies on your managed computers.

The best practice is to use this functionality only if you need to meter start, stop, and denial events for applications at the file level. In other cases, you use the software-based usage tracking option.

See Tracking usage of the managed software products in the Symantec Management Console Software view

When you configure an application metering policy, you define the applications you want to meter by creating new or editing the existing application definitions.

See About defining applications to meter or deny

Notification Server polices control the rules for metering applications. Application Metering Plug-in that runs with the Symantec Management Agent on the target computer enforces the properties of the policies. An application metering policy can meter one or more applications.

When an application starts on a managed computer, Application Metering Plug-in checks for a turned on policy monitoring the application. If the plug-in finds a turned on application metering policy, it performs the following functions:

  • Records the application summary data locally and sends this data to the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) at the end of the application monitoring period.

    See Application summary data

  • Sends the event notifications to the CMDB as specified in the application metering policy. It can send application start, stop, or denial events. It sends this information in batches at a specified interval.

    See About application metering start, stop, and denial events

  • Denies the use of the application if it is specified in the application metering policy.

Warning: Multiple application metering policies can monitor the same application. This may cause erroneous data in reports or trigger duplicate notification policy actions.

Table: Process for metering applications




Step 1

Prepare computers for metering.

Target computers must be managed with the Symantec Management Agent and have Inventory Plug-in and Application Metering Plug-in installed.

See Preparing managed computers for inventory and metering

Step 2

(Optional) Configure settings for gathered application metering data and mail server and address settings.

You can configure the archiving and purging settings for gathered application metering data.

See Configuring the purging settings for application metering data

You also need to configure mail server and address settings if you want to send an email that reports the denied application event.

See Mail server and address settings

Step 3

Enable application metering on managed computers.

To enable application metering, you can use different options based on your needs:

Step 4

View application metering results.

You can view metering data in application metering reports.

See Viewing inventory data in reports