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Denying applications using the predefined Blacklisted Applications policy

Inventory Solution

Application denial is only available on Windows computers.

You can deny multiple applications from running on managed computers.

To deny applications from running, you configure the predefined Blacklisted Applications policy. The Blacklisted Applications policy is turned on by default. You can add multiple applications to this policy.

To add software applications to the Blacklisted Applications policy, do one of the following:

When you deny any software component, the software component is scanned for an .exe file. If that software component contains any .exe file, it is denied. A separate rule is created for every .exe file.

This task is a step in the process for denying applications.

See Denying applications

To deny software applications on the Blacklisted Applications policy page

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Manage menu, click Policies.

  2. In the left pane, expand Software > Application Metering > Blacklisted Applications.

  3. On the Blacklisted Applications policy page, on the Software tab, define the applications that you want to deny.

    See Defining applications to meter or deny

  4. (Optional) On the policy page, on the Options tab, configure the policy options for the denied applications according to your needs.

    For example, you can configure the policy options in the following ways:

    • To record the deny events and send the records to the CMDB every week, check Record usage events, and then, in the drop-down lists on the right, click Deny and Weekly.

      See About application metering start, stop, and denial events

    • To send an email that reports the deny events, in the drop-down list, click Send an email, in the Mail Settings dialog box, enter the recipient's email address in the E-mail ID field, type a subject and text for the email, and then click OK.

    • To prompt a user with a message when the user attempts to start a denied application, check Inform user and type the text of the message.

  5. Click Save changes.

To deny software applications in the Software Catalog

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Manage menu, click Software Catalog.

  2. On the Software Catalog page, under Newly discovered/undefined software, right-click the application that you want to add to the Blacklisted Applications policy, and then click Actions > Blacklist Application.

    If the software component is successfully added to the Blacklisted Applications policy, the following message is displayed:

    "The following software has been successfully marked as blacklisted."

    If the software component cannot be denied, the following message is displayed:

    "The following software cannot be blacklisted because it is not associated with any executable files."