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About gathering software inventory

Inventory Solution

Software inventory collects information about the applications that are installed on your managed computers to help you analyze different aspects of your resources.

For example, you can identify the computers that do not meet minimum security requirements, do not have antivirus software or application updates installed. You can also find out the number of installed instances of an application to prepare for a software license audit, or check whether a specific software is installed on your managed computers

Software inventory tasks or policies scan the managed computers for the available software applications, and then report the collected information to Notification Server. You can collect information about both standard applications and custom software applications that are installed on your managed computers.

The installed software that you can identify on your managed computers is defined as a software component. You can have software components automatically associated with the predefined software products that Inventory Solution provides. In this way, Inventory Solution lets you manage and track software usage at the product level instead of the file level. For example, you can manage Microsoft Office 2008 as a software product, and see it in reports as Microsoft Office 2008, not as winword.exe.